Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I mustache you a question!

I had been wanting to attempt mustache nails for a while now. This was super easy and fast. I polished my nails with 2 coats of white. Added the black stripes( with my old Kiss Nail art pen I mentioned below). Then with the end of paint brush with a rounded end I did the mustache then painted it in with a tooth pick (step by step down below)

The colors I used are; the black Essie Licorice, the white is my new Zoya, purity, topped by a clear top coat to finish off for a glossy finish :))

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tribal Today

Hello! It's Saturday mani day :) this is my first attempt at "tribal" nail art. It was pretty simple just have to have a steady hand for all the little lines and designs.

I used a old striper brush I kept from one of those Kiss Nail art pens that I have cleaned. It's my favorite for little lines. Nothing fancy or nothing you can't buy from Walgreens or any dollar store.

The colors I used.; mint candy apple by essie. Liquid leather by china Glaze. Snow me white by Sinful Colors and island coral by Sinful colors.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pretty Pink

Leopard print is a classic. I was inspired to do these when I recently purchase this print in a cute cardigan. FYI-its from Charlotte Russe and I got a great deal on it! ;) This pink is by Sinful colors, the number rubbed off, and it did not have a name. Sorry! I will look it up asap though if anyone wants to know. The tan I used is Case Study (the one I found a TJ Maxx) and the black is Essie Licorice. I made a picture collage using a little bit of the sweater than I put a flat surface a photographed it. Hope you guys enjoy! Xo

Purple Pattern !

When I opted for this look, I said I wanted something easy and fast. But this actually took longer than I thought! Everything was easy, until I started the chevron. I started by cutting pieces of tape in a zig zag pattern and placing them on my while nail. Once I did this, I painted over it with a "gray" I let it dry for a bit then pulled of the tape. Only all the tape did not come off, plus it pulled off the white, bummer. For my second attempt I just did free hand. I used a dotting to shape out dots in a zigzag, then with a striper I connected them and made someone even lines.

The colors I used are, Snow me White by China Glaze, the pretty purple is Essie-Play Date and the glitter is Sephore by OPI Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild. My gray I had for the chevron, was not cutting it. So I made my own, mixing snow me white, and liquid leather by China Glaze.

Hope you enjoy these, and get inspired. If anyone has a easier technique for chevron please let me know. lol. Its so pretty, yet so time conceiving.


This is my first time doing a cross, I think next time I will not do it upside down :/ Also, needs another design on my nail with nothing. These are not my favorite, but I do love this color combination. Will be attempting these again, different color and an additional design. 

These are the colors I used, Tan- Essie Case study (might I add that I found this one at my tj maxx for 3.99!) The mint color is Essie-Mint Candy apple, my new favorite mint color and last but not least, my newest addition, Essie-Licorice, love it! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Polka dots, stripe and roses oh my!

These are my most recent nails, I know I need to stop with the floral vintage roses. Promise this is my last one. I just really like this red, black and white polka dot and stripe combo. It reminds me of a pin up girl! Now thats another idea ;) But anyways, hope you enjoy this inpiration. All I used was the regular nail polishes, as well a dotting tool, and striper. Scroll down for colors I used! 
 Sinful Colors- snow me while. China Glaze- Liquid Leather. Essie- forever yummy and Color Club Feelin grovy. I have been using this snow me white and liquid leather for a while now, I think its time for a complete change of colors. Hope you liked these as much as I did! Xo

Monday, January 7, 2013


These are my Halloween 2012, inspired nails. I know I am bit, late...or early? Either way, I never posted these and wanted to post these. Even though, the colors are "Halloween colors" I feel with this look or pattern with the colors changed up could work for any holiday. Thinking valentines with red, pink, and white in place of the purple, orange, and green. St Patricks Day with lime green, dark green, glitter? The possibilities are endless! If you do get inspired by this look, please let me know or send me a picture I would love to see it! 

Friday, January 4, 2013

All things girly!

This is my current on my hands right now, I know it looks summery, but once I got my new iPhone case (second picture in pic frame) I had to use it for an inspiration to my nail art. I do not have nail stubs yet, so this gold glitter had to do. I like mixing nail prints like this, from floral, stripes, gradient glitter to my solid glitter thumb. This makes such a fun Mani! So play with textures and prints! Even colors. 
 The nail polish I used to achieve this; for my thumb I used a gold glitter base coat, OPI Glitzerland, topped with a coat of Sephora by OPI Only Gold for me. The white base for the flowers is Snow me White by Sinful Colors, the pink flowers are China Glaze Purple Panic (I know doesn't look that purple to me either). The leaves for the flowers are by Color Club, Feelin Groovy. My middle finger and pinky base coat is Essie Tart Deco, as well as the small flowers. For the flower highlight design I used Panic Purple, and Tart Deco with a little Snow Me White.  The gradient glitter on my middle finger is by OPI Glitzerland. For all the designs I used my new Mash Brushes I got for my birthday!
These are fun, maybe a little to much for winter, but who cares ;) oxo!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

This mani is done with Essie Tart Deco, black leather by China glaze, and Sand Tropez by Essie. If anyone would like a tutorial on how I get my leopard print, stay tuned I will be posting step by step of my how to and also what I use to this. As well as alternative tools to use with stuff you have at home :) xo!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Girls just wanna have fun!

Pink Girly Mani! This leopard print multi colored accent nail! Super easy, I will post the polish brands and colors if anyone would like to know, I do not have them with me and do not know them at the top of my head. This was super easy, paint your nails as usual, then on the accent nails one paint strip stroke with your choice of color, I used three. But you can even add more. For a fun cute look!