Thursday, January 24, 2013

Purple Pattern !

When I opted for this look, I said I wanted something easy and fast. But this actually took longer than I thought! Everything was easy, until I started the chevron. I started by cutting pieces of tape in a zig zag pattern and placing them on my while nail. Once I did this, I painted over it with a "gray" I let it dry for a bit then pulled of the tape. Only all the tape did not come off, plus it pulled off the white, bummer. For my second attempt I just did free hand. I used a dotting to shape out dots in a zigzag, then with a striper I connected them and made someone even lines.

The colors I used are, Snow me White by China Glaze, the pretty purple is Essie-Play Date and the glitter is Sephore by OPI Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild. My gray I had for the chevron, was not cutting it. So I made my own, mixing snow me white, and liquid leather by China Glaze.

Hope you enjoy these, and get inspired. If anyone has a easier technique for chevron please let me know. lol. Its so pretty, yet so time conceiving.

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